Project Supporters

Our work with Crocodiles and Freshwater Turtles in Corbett Tiger Reserve is supported by various agencies. 

Actively supporting us are The Columbus Zoo, The PPG Conservation and Sustainability Fund, The CZS CBOT Endangered Species Fund and WWF - India.

Idea Wild has provided valuable equipment for field surveys while the MBZ Species Conservation Fund has supported the project with an inflatable boat and electric engine.

We have also been awarded with the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Asia Seed Grant. 

The Uttarakhand Forest Department and Corbett Tiger Reserve assist in valuable in field project support with a quarter being provided in Corbett as well as assistance from frontline forest staff when required during surveys.

The Gadoli and Manda Khal Wildlife Conservation Trust actively supports the project by helping with administartive support and raising of operational costs when required.

Should you wish to support the project in any way please do email me at