Meet the Key Players

Well....many of you have gotten an insight into our supporters and the work being done in Corbett. Adding muscle to the project but not often in the limelight it would be criminal on my part not to let you know about the people working quietly behind the scenes to ensure that the crocs and turtles of Corbett are given a fair chance in today's world.

Christine Chowfin has been one of the strongest supporters of this project. In the initial stages of the project she generously helped in providing a start up fund to get the project going. As the Managing Trustee of The Gadoli and Manda Khal Wildlife Conservation Trust not only does she often help us out with in field operational costs but as a registered organic farmer has volunteered to help out when feasible through income generated from her sustainable farming work. Implemented with unemployed hill women in the Pauri Garhwal District of the Western Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, her project here focus on aromatic plants like chamomille and seasonal vegetables. Now I know exactly where my next veggies for my on going surveys are coming from....!!!!

Our next active supporter is Advocate Hemang Jariwala a renowned lawyer with the Bombay High Court and he just loves outdoors and wildlife. A keen wildlife buff he is also a Trustee of The Gadoli and Manda Khal Wildlife Conservation Trust. Our various project MoU's are drawn up by him.

Bir Singh is our behind the scenes helper in field and often mans the field station in Corbett when I am away. During surveys he is often overworked setting up the inflatable boat, lugging survey equipment around and cooking up some wonderful jungle grub to keep me going

I would be really selfish if I do not mention our college students who often volunteer  to get things together for surveys, drawing up datasheets and even helping out with data entry. Some of them are even keen to start taking part in field surveys which is commendable considering the tough field conditions in Corbett.

Well, if you would like to support the project in any way please do email me your suggestions and we will surely get back to you. The best way to get in touch is by email on!!!!