The Mugger Capers

The Mugger is one of the three species of crocodiles found in India and also has its home in Corbett Tiger Reserve. Considered to be a more aggressive cousin of the sweet natured gharial, the mugger crocodiles are widely distributed in Corbett Tiger Reserve.

Mugger and gharial are counted at the same time during our annual surveys in Corbett Tiger Reserve where we count the number of crocodiles here by visual observations, camera trapping, photo documentation and stationary counts.

Inhabiting the vast waterways of Corbett Tiger Reserve these crocodiles which are both feared and revered are vital components of the aquatic ecology in this protected area.

As we continue with our work in with these species' in Corbett, our surveys are proving vital in gaining an insight into the best conservation practices that can be adopted for preserving the crocodiles of Corbett...!!!!