Trail Cameras and Population Estimates...2013

Well.....guess most of you would be wondering why I have been extremely quiet on the blogging front. I know the silence must be quite killing. So to fill you all up I must confess..... that I have been having alot of Corbett!!!

It has been really cold here right from the end of January with temperatures at night sometimes as low as 2 degrees centigrade..... Fog lifting only around mid day and about three cold spells.....with me and the frontline staff standing by..... for the weather to warm abit so that we can get on with the business of counting crocs!!!

Its has been quite an experience this far and we have been quite non-polluting this season with our environmentally friendly inflatable boat and electric engine. Low noise so crocs don't get disturbed too much and no consumption of fossil fuels.

The inflatable does indeed help me get into shallower waters of Corbett quite a bit

Many channels and shallower waters are accessible with this boat and it has helped in counting crocs here. Surveying Corbett is proving to be alot of fun and we are combining float surveys, stationary counts and vantage point observations to estimate crocs here.

Some newer gizmos are the time lapse cameras which were intended for use later in the season but have proved valuable in photographing individuals as well as basking groups of gharial which could have been missed during float surveys. 

Time Lapse cameras are placed strategically in the field to photograph gharial
Placing of the cameras was done early in the morning before the crocs started basking and I do admit it was quite cold.

Basking gharial caught by time lapse camera will be sometime before we tabulate our population counts which I am sure will give us some interesting results this time round......but till then stay tuned!!!